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Customer Relationship Management

SystAIO CRM Software Solution is developed considering the live scenarios of the sales team in various companies. CRM software is an application which helps any business manages customer service and its data in simple terms. You have the right information along with the right service and approach you and your business has all the reasons to grow. Customer relationship management or let’s say CRM software is the need every industry be it any in customer serving enterprise.

CRM development is our domain expertise with our experienced staff in the relevant field that understands the functionality and needs of the industry. We offer as well as design need based best CRM software for different clients.

SystAIO Technologies provides cloud based, Intranet based, LAN based CRM. CRM can easily operate on any device like Mobile, PC, TAB etc. Also can access on any platform like Windows, APPLE and Linux. CRM easily access within company and out side the company by internet. CRM is 100% secure and safe.

In the fast moving business process, our sales team needs to act faster, with higher efficiency and less time for optimised results. It enables users to access data at a single panel with all major activities to perform actions faster with lesser navigation. It captures the process from capturing enquiry to sales invoicing.

CRM developed on MVC.Net and MS-SQL database. its fully safe and secure. no worry about data loss and hack. is a latest technology of MICROSOFT Company. that is fast and 100% safe and secure.